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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Exploring Kellie Castle

I'm sorry b'coz late update my blog. Sigh.. It's b'coz photobucket maybe hav problem when i choose basic upload.. Must choose bulk uploader but my lappy have some problem and can't install the software..

One day exploring Kellie Castle, I assume that Kellie Castle was haunted!! Hahaha.. No.. its just my impression bcoz the management not fully manage the castle..

-The place was dark, free air, no have lighting and some room very very and very dark.. for example wine room. I know wine room must put at the dark place but i think there don't have any wine so why not put electricity to people explore the place..
-The environment - just around castle ok but near them and beside near hut fully with grass..
Other than that, ok...

just my 2 cents.......................

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